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Sustainability is our biggest challenge yet

Sustainable growth, in the context of good stewardship of the environment and its resources, is one of the biggest ongoing challenges facing politicians and (industrial) leaders. Zeeland Seaports has identified a route that provides a uniquely innovative solution.


Biopark Terneuzen represents a new way of thinking in the creation of agro-industrial sustainability. Under the 'Smart Link' heading, Biopark Terneuzen promotes and facilitates the exploitation of key synergies between businesses located in the same geographic area. Specifically, it helps to maximise the potential of the exchange and use of each other's by-products and waste products, which then become feedstock, energy or utility supplements for their own production processes.



"The answer to a global challenge begins with a local solution"

Hans van der Hart, CEO Zeeland Seaports


General Manager of Yara, Geert Raedemaecker: 'For years, Yara International and Yara Sluiskil in particular have been occupied with their ecological footprint. Improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions into the water, soil and air are on our daily agenda. Biopark Terneuzen has enabled Yara Sluiskil to implement significant improvements and the Biopark concept therefore enables Yara Sluiskil to fulfill its sustainability ambitions. With the CO2 from our ammonia production process and the low caloric heat in many of our production processes, we have two Smart Links for the greenhouses in the Biopark. Yara deliveres these links to WarmCO2 which distributes the flows to the vegetable growers. The concept is a perfect example of how, by joining forces with entrepreneurs beyond our gates, we can take bigger steps towards achieving sustainable growth.'